Mixed Art Myrthe Boymans

Torenstraat 12
6438 GV
Sinds 2007
  • combination of medical science,art skills and passion
  • a passionate scientific illustrator
  • a different view on images used for medical (educational) resources
  • creating a beautiful imagesuitable for publication
  • in an article, book or other publication
  • looks professionaland is educationally justified
Myrthe Boymans


Scientific illustration is a combination of medical science, art skills and passion.
As a passionate scientific illustrator, with a Master degree I offer a different view on images used for medical (educational) resources.

My years of experience working with several doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists, private clinics, publishers, pr offices, worldwide, learned that the illustration process is a combination of knowledge from the client and the knowledge from the illustrator.

It brings a pleasant cooperation, with as purpose to create a beautiful image suitable for publication.

Using scientific illustrations in an article, book or other publication looks professional and is educationally justified.

Yours sincerely,

Scientific Illustrations

Surgeons guide illustrations
Mostly Academic hospitals are in need for illustrations with a educational purpose. The residents in a hospital need to learn progressive surgery methods without all the side issues you can see on a photograph (blood, fat tissue, etc.). The illustration offers a clean view on the method itself.

Academical Thesis illustrations
Illustrations to reinforce a thesis. Images speak for themselves.

Patient brochures
Illustrations to explain the operation, the disease, etc.

Emergency responce training
Illustrations to explain emergency care in companies or at home.

Primary school, Highschool books, Medicine education
Illustrations to explain biology and other professions.

Medical Art
Illustrations, paintings for the walls of offices.

Medical Illustrations to use as guide tool on a website.

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