Rubaiyat Vineyard & Winery

Clouserweg 2
6439 BD
Sinds 2010
  • a Dutch winemaker celebrating life in the vineyard
  • as a brand we look to appeal to lovers of sunlight, grapes and wine
  • our palette of wines allow every individual to find their own favourite
  • from Merlot, Chardonnay, Riesling ... the list goes on
  • curating our grapes with different vinification techniques


Rubaiyat, a Dutch winemaker celebrating life in the vineyard.
Simply meandering in the company of good wine can take you a long way...

Rubaiyat is a collection of rhymes written by Omar Khayyam in the eleventh century. Omar, a poet, mathematician and astronomer, incorporated his knowledge and wisdom in numerous quatrains.
"The mystery is great and the answers are rare
Wise men have searched but you should not care
Make thy own heaven here with this moment and wine
For their heaven is a fairy tale, nothing but air." 

He acknowledges and finds ways to reconcile the two poles of human existence; the heart and the mind.
The balancing act of facts and feelings inspires us every day in our vineyard and winery, while transforming sunlight into grapes and eventually grapes into wine.

Our inaugural planting of several classic grape varieties took place April 2010 on a south-facing slope, which covers 3 hectares. The winery is housed in a former tithe barn.
The vineyard and winery are located about 3 kilometers apart, both in the municipality of Schinnen, the Netherlands.
Connecting our passions and skills makes us enjoy the full experience of living and winemaking.
It also gives us opportunities to engage with new people and fresh ideas, which are really fun aspects of what we do.